Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Up the Cairngorms in a Ford Popular

Well 2011 tailed off somewhat didn't it? This, and issues various relating to this (including the undertaking of a greater role in the family business) is the reason (click on the image):

With regards to drawing & painting, the following football card-themed portraits were alas unfinished by the time of the Delapre Abbey Christmas Craft Fair (otherwise superbly organised by my better half), as Greaves, Keegan & Moore all failed late fitness tests:

'Product' of one kind or another will be fashioned from these at some stage.

Some work was completed as the year petered out however, in the shape of a couple of pet portraits (Maisie on the left, Megan centre), and a piece accepted for the Fishmarket's final show, the 2011 Open Exhibition. The work is entitled 'Super Avilyn' and is inspired by antiquated video, whilst the venue is about to be flattened to make way for a replacement for the notorious building currently fused to that featured here.

The Fishmarket always seemed to struggle to live up to its' sheer scale; the little fella at the top of this post on the other hand punched above his weight for 65 solid years. His tale, my friends, is not over yet.

Happy new year!