Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Acrylic Afternoons

Getting into my stride with paint a lot more lately. Previewed here is an illustration for a piece I've written for the next issue of Dodgem Logic, some sample artwork for a Les Dawson biography cover (alright, there's a sepia drawing there too, but anyway), and some portrait stuff as entry for an exhibition in April/May.

Am sanding my boards now for finer detail, and generally applying considerably more patience to colour & paint: the medium both deserves and requires it. I spent most of my childhood drawing and hardly ever painted at all, so this is a serious catch-up.

It's funny too how many really obvious points of technique dawn on you when you begin to devote proper time to developing these skills. You can't channel Fuchs, Peak & Putzu without a sharp pencil or a constantly wet brush, and balancing the right temperance of control on one hand and loose expression on the other I suspect will forever be the great trick of this.

More prints will be available to buy soon, and portrait commissions are welcome.