Wednesday, 14 September 2011

C-Beams Glitter In The Dark Near Standens Barn Underpass

A photographic digression is on offer at the Plasm Etsy shop from today, in the shape of five small (just under A5) giclee prints highlighting the sci-fi brutalist wonders of Northampton architecture. Featured in digitally coloured, hand-numbered and signed limited edition splendour and printed on Photo Rag 308gsm stock are views of Riverside House (above), Weston Favell Shopping Centre (below), Belgrave House, Standens Barn Underpass and Compton House.

You see, it's not all about Greyfriars round here. Collect them all!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Racing Plasm II

Further front row manouevres at the Plasm Etsy shop see Lewis Hamilton revving into view as the Silverstone Grand Prix weekend begins. Another finest quality limited edition A3 giclee print of an original acrylic painting (this time on Photo Rag 308gsm stock), this print is not only available once more via the thumbnail link top-right of this post, but as a high street exclusive at The Mulberry Tree, 169 Watling Street West, Towcester.

If Mr Hamilton can stay on the track and register a podium finish (under doubtless pressure from Red Bull's immovable duo of Vettel & Webber - also available in Plasm print form), this would make the perfect British GP souvenir, seeing as The Mulberry Tree's multifarious gift-related range resides in screeching earshot of the circuit.

And even if he can't, it still would. If you see what I mean.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Racing Plasm

The Plasm Etsy shop is open once more with two brand new, high-end prints. As an opener to a series of full colour Formula One Motorsport portraits, Red Bull's fearsome duo of reigning World Champion Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber are now available.

These hand-numbered (both in limited editions of 20) and signed A3 giclee reproductions of original acrylic paintings have been printed on Torchon Embossed 285gsm stock, and would either make ideal gifts for Father's Day (19th June in the UK) or souvenirs of the British Grand Prix on Sunday 10th July.

For further details on purchase and shipping, click on the 'Plasm Etsy Shop' thumbnail link on the right-hand sidebar.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

RBSA Open Portrait Private View

Great private view. Sold all my paintings & made millions of pounds. Fantastic general standard of work, lead as far as I could see by Simon Davis, awesome portrait and comics artist.

My contributions are by the lift on the top floor (see pic), and the show runs until the 7th of May. Decent semifreddo at Pasta di Piazza opposite the gallery.

Monday, 25 April 2011

RBSA Open Portait Exhibition

And a quick heads-up if you're in Birmingham over the next couple of weeks, as two of my paintings have been selected as part of the RBSA Open Portrait show. Lovely surprise this, as I only found out about the opportunity to contribute perilously close to the deadline and my submissions were accordingly composed in some haste over a matter of days. Hope it doesn't show too much.

The exhibition runs until the 7th of May, and hopefully there'll be some further posting subsequent to the private view on Wednesday. Portrait commissions are, of course, massively welcome.


A pleasure to have contributed the above shoal wall to a new fish foot spa at Bond's Beauty, Northampton. Commissions welcome.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Acrylic Afternoons

Getting into my stride with paint a lot more lately. Previewed here is an illustration for a piece I've written for the next issue of Dodgem Logic, some sample artwork for a Les Dawson biography cover (alright, there's a sepia drawing there too, but anyway), and some portrait stuff as entry for an exhibition in April/May.

Am sanding my boards now for finer detail, and generally applying considerably more patience to colour & paint: the medium both deserves and requires it. I spent most of my childhood drawing and hardly ever painted at all, so this is a serious catch-up.

It's funny too how many really obvious points of technique dawn on you when you begin to devote proper time to developing these skills. You can't channel Fuchs, Peak & Putzu without a sharp pencil or a constantly wet brush, and balancing the right temperance of control on one hand and loose expression on the other I suspect will forever be the great trick of this.

More prints will be available to buy soon, and portrait commissions are welcome.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Screen Stars For Sale

After doubtless anticipation (and with implausibly stupid post-xmas timing), the Plasm Etsy shop is finally launched with the Screen Stars range.

These eight A3 (296mm x 420mm) 250gsm gloss poster prints depict some archly charismatic, urbane, and in most cases just about obsolescent celluloid talent via original pencil & graphite drawings. Eastwood, McQueen, Burton, Caine, Moore, Stamp, Hackman & Connery, all at a reasonable price.

To see all of the prints and for further details on purchase & shipping, click on the 'Plasm Etsy Shop' thumbnail link on the right-hand sidebar.

And before you ask, there will be an equivalent range of ladies at some point. Buy one of these first though.


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Services Rendered

Happy New Year. To kick off this grey new term, here are a couple of portrait examples which may be of interest if you're looking to place a personal commission.

On the left, a graphic colour character piece which depicts aspects of the subject's interests (ballet, the colour pink) in acrylic, pencil & pen, and some pencil & graphite family studies centre and right.

There'll be plenty more of these to come, but if you're suitably moved to register interest, contact me at Those Screen Stars prints are imminent by the way.

A prosperous and healthy 2011 to all.